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The Riviera, the very sound of the word is magic to our ears. It evokes reasured memories of relatives who passed on to us their passion for this region. It's a word that conjures the colours so cherished by Picasso and Matisse; the traditions of Provenc and, ofcourse, the Iove of ours and fragrances. Light made the Riviera it's empire. It creates cooling shadows when the sun is shining high in the sky - a sky so blue it rivals the colour of the sea. The Riviera is where natwe sets out its finest palette: the green of the cypress trees to the soft shades of Provence roses, the pure white of sweet smelling jasmine to the sunny yellow of the lemons of Menton.
Over several generations, Parfumerie Fragonard has had a deep affinity with the scents of the Riviera. From the mists swirling off the shores of the Mediterranean to the flower's of Grasse, everything serves as inspiration for the creation of our perfumes, which are steeped in French tradition.

There is a positive cascade of sensations we aim to bring you in the perfume range created in our laboratories. We hope that for a great romantic souls these sensations produce such a vivid impression of this Mediterranean garden that you feel you are here with us...


Fragonard Lavande Light, fresh and totally pure, Lavande offers you a fragrance from the heart of Provençal tradition. A gentle caress , cradling you in a veil of peace, harmony and serenity.


Top notes lavender essential oil, lavandin
Heart notes benzoin, camomile
Base notes patchouli

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