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    Maison Margiela is a French fashion house founded in Paris in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Mysterious and unconventional, a radical core intertwined with a non-standard elegance, Maison Margiela reveals creative and mysterious tales of sartorial tailoring, reinvention and deconstruction. Since 2014 the Maison thrives under the guidance of Creative Director John Galliano. His non-conformist talent is fully aligned with the brand that is defined as iconoclast and irreverent. His visionary design enables him to master the Maison's codes. His work pays tribute to the Art of Haute Couture and the Atelier. This apprehension and showing of the Couture process and Artisanal very much embodies the Maison's legacy and the emphasis that has always been put on and remains on the creative collective. The synergy between Maison Margiela and John Galliano resides on the savoir-faire, craftsmanship and unique interpretation of Fashion.

    The‘Replica’conceptderives fromtheverb“toreplicate”,areferencetotheideaoftimelessness. Pieces
    that have already stood the test of time are sourced and brought back from all over the world, and
    then faithfully reproduced in a capsule collection.
    Every season since 1994, Maison Margiela has presented women’s and men’s “Replica” collections
    comprising about 30 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories. The specificity and the charm of
    these pieces, which are sourced all over the world, remain identical to the original. ‘Replicas’ are
    faithful reproductions: every one bears a special label on the inside that mentions the description,
    provenance and time period of the original piece



    The tradition has been immortalised through the generations, handing down the address of this Brooklyn jazz club. An anthology of classic notes and coppery tones, between deep armchairs and a handful of bar stools, with subdued lighting reflected on the piano where some cocktails linger, wafting their liquory notes.



    Pink pepper, Primofiore lemon, Neroli oil


    Rum absolute, Clary sage oil, Java vetiver oil


    Tobacco leaf absolute, Vanilla bean, Styrax resin

    - prece atrodas AVIRO noliktavā


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    MAISON MARGIELA JAZZ CLUB Dušas želeja, 40ml

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    MAISON MARGIELA JAZZ CLUB Matu šampūns, 40ml

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    MAISON MARGIELA JAZZ CLUB Matu Kondicionieris, 40ml

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    MAISON MARGIELA JAZZ CLUB Ķermeņa Losjons, 40ml

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