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        Created by the English perfumer and designer, Heeley perfumes are made in France from rare ingredients of the finest quality, according to the traditional art of fine perfumery. As a designer influenced by nature, it was only logical that James Heeley  became fascinated by scent. As an autodidact perfumer, his work began in 2001 and has since evolved into a collection of fifteen unique fragrances. Every detail, from the creation of the scent to the packaging is designed ‘in house’. Today, Heeley is one of the few owner-founder, independent, luxury perfume houses in Europe


    Sun, sand and sea air
    Sun, warm sand and a gentle breeze of fresh sea air. A refreshing and striking note of lemon fades to reveal an aquatic green, algue note, while vetiver and drift woods of cedar and birch dry slowly in the sand and salty, sea air.  Ocean going sand boys. Jacques Mayol in The Big Blue.  A radiant, natural, beauty. Sun kissed (with bikini lines of course). Lemon. Italian Bergamot . Beech Leaf. Sea Salt. Moss. Algae. Cedar. Musk. Leather


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    HEELEY SEL MARIN Dušas želeja, 30ml

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    HEELEY SEL MARIN Matu šampūns, 30ml

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    HEELEY SEL MARIN Matu Kondicionieris, 30ml

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    HEELEY SEL MARIN Ķermeņa Losjons, 30ml

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